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Practice math facts with vertical division with divisors up to 9. Just type the answer. "Correct!" appears if you divide correctly.

Below the work area, select the maximum divisor to a number from 4 up to 9. Use the reset button reset or click on the math division problem, or press the ENTER or RETURN key, for a new card. Use the Backspace button to delete an answer. For assistance, place the pointer over the ?.

Click on the yellow check to keep count! First, choose the number of problems to count by clicking up or down by the #10. Then, solve and reset. On each reset, the left counter increments if the answer is right; the counter tracks the math problems you've done. The "Correct!" does not appear when scoring, but if your answer is wrong the correct answer will appear when you reset. When you reach the selected number of math problems, the percentage you got correct will display.

Spinning math operators indicate a possible server delay - if it continues, you may try resetting again.

Click the yellow apple apple to return to the math flash cards home page.

Teaching note: when ready to divide large numbers, try the long division tool on the arithmetic page. The arithmetic page is accessed by using the Arithmetic link in the left column of the math flash cards home page.

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