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Practice subtracting two digit numbers from other two digit numbers. Subtract the ones digits first, type it in, move to the tens place by pressing the left arrow key, and then subtract and type the tens digit

If the answer is correct answer and the word "Correct!" displays. Use the mouse to press the reset button reset image or click on the subtraction problem, or the ENTER or RETURN key to make a new problem. Put the pointer on the ? for help.

Click on the yellow check for score keeping mode. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to the # symbol to select the number of problems to score. Each time the problem is reset,the left counter counts correct answers; the right for each problem attempted. The "Correct!" icon does not appear when in score keeping mode. If the answer is incorrect, the correct one will be shown. The score is displayed when you've finished the number of problems you picked.

Should math symbols spin too long, use the reset button again.

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