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Multiply the ones digit of the top number first and type the ones digit of the product in the answer. If it is correct and requires you to regroup tens, a digit representing the number of regrouped tens will appear above the tens column. Press the left arrow button to move to the tens place. Multiply the tens place of the top number and add the regrouping number to the product. Type the tens digit in the answer and, if necessary, use the left arrow and type the hundreds place. "Correct!" displays when you have the entire answer correct. Use reset reset image, click on a number, or press the ENTER or RETURN key for a new one. Move the pointer over the ? for help.

Click the yellow check to track how many you get correct. Select the number of tries you want to track by clicking - or + by the #10. When resetting, the first counter counts correct answers; the right one counts the number of math problems you've tried. The "Correct!" mark will not appear when using the counters, but if your answer is incorrect then the correct answer displays. When complete, your score is shown.

If the math symbols spin, and spin, and spin, click the reset button.

Click the apple apple image to go to the math flash cards home page. Go to our arithmetic page where you will find a great math teaching tool for multiplying big numbers using the longer form.

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