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Fraction Inequalities



on the left is

greater than, less than, or equal to

the fraction on the right. Figure out which and click on the greater than symbol (>), less than symbol (<), or the equal sign (=). If your answer is correct, the fraction inequality problem will change color. Click on the problem, press the ENTER or RETURN key, or click on the reset problem button to set a new fraction problem.

Click on the check mark at the bottom to keep score! You can choose the number of problems by clicking up and down by the 25 default. After you think you've correctly solved the inequality, reset it. Please note the problem will not change color when it is keeping score in the challenge mode. Each time you reset the problem, the left counter increases for each correct answer; the right counter counts the number of problems you've done. If the answer isn't right, the correct answer will display to the right of the counter when you reset the problem. When you're done, your score will be shown on the screen.

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