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Ask your teacher or parent for help.

For mobile devices tap the sum area to activate the keyset. Browser text size should be set to normal or medium.

Add the numbers in the ones place column and type the ones digit of the solution, then press the left arrow key to put the cursor in the tens place column. Add the two numbers in the tens place column. If you carried a 1 to the tens place remember to add one to the sum of the numbers in the tens place column. Type the number in the tens place column and press the left arrow key, and repeat the process for the hundreds place column. If you need to carry a one from the hundreds place to the thousands place, use the left arrow key again and type 1. "Correct!" appears when you've typed the entire correct solution. Use the reset button reset image, click a number, or press the ENTER or RETURN key again to make another three digit addition problem. Move the pointer over the ? for help.

Click the yellow check for quiz mode. Select the number of math problems to do by clicking up and down by the #10 default. Each time you reset the problem, the left counter increases if the answer is correct; the right counter counts the number of math problems you've done. The "Correct!" mark will not appear in quiz mode. However, if your answer is incorrect, then the correct answer will be shown on the bottom right when you reset the problem. When you've finished, your score will be shown.

If the math symbols keep spinning and spinning, try pressing the reset symbol again.

Click the apple apple image to go to the math flash cards Home page. On the math flash cards Home page, the "Addition With Carrying" link in the right column takes you to a great teaching tool for work with bigger numbers.

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